• Why us

    We are your partner for all family and life issues, your counselor and co-organizer, who will look after your family assets for multiple generations.

What we are good at

  • We listen to you and always stand behind you.
  • We are used to solving difficult family situations.
  • We design and then manage structures in your family business.
  • We represent and actively support families in the exercise of their property rights.
  • We are ready to deal with the management of family real estate, renting, and insurance.
  • We provide tax, accounting and auditing services, valuation, and legal advice.
  • We provide concierge services – we're always at hand for you.
  • We communicate with private banks, provide administrative support, security and necessary documents.
  • We specialize in risk management.

Call us at +420 267 997 741 or write us a message